Private Pilot Syllabus

Private Pilot Flight Training is broken into several phases. Each phase is outlined below.

Pre-Solo Instruction:

• Introduction to the aircraft, flight controls, instruments, and systems

• Engine operation, ground operations, taxiing, airport procedures, runway and taxiway markings

• Take off, basic flight maneuvers, straight and level, coordinated turns, climbs, descents, combined maneuvers

• Ground reference maneuvers: turns around a point, S-turns across a road, figure-8s around two points

• Slow flight with and with out flaps, power off and power on stalls, recognition of stall onset and stall recovery

• Radio communications, controlled and un-controlled airports

• Traffic pattern practice, approaches, go-arounds

• Emergency procedures

• Normal landings, cross wind landings, slips to a landing

• short and soft field take off's

Solo Flight:

• Supervised traffic pattern First Solo Flight!!!

• Flight to nearby airports

• Solo air work (ground reference maneuvers, slow flight etc.)

Cross Country & Checkride Prep

• Advanced Maneuvers: short field and soft field take off's and landings

• Cross country flying: planning the flight, navigation aids, filing a flight plan, pilotage and dead-reckoning, en-route radio communications

• Simulated Instrument flight (hood)

• Emergency procedures (engine out practice)

• Night flight

Cross Country & Checkride Prep Solo Work

• Take off and landings, basic and advanced

• Flight to nearby airports

• Cross country flight

• Long solo cross country flight

• Flight maneuvers in preparation for the private pilot test